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Why using PG-1 when I have credit cards?

Date added:
23 October 2012
Last revised:
30 October 2012


PG-1 provides convenience and easiness in doing transactions between buyers and sellers, but also manage to maintain the security accross the transaction. Unlike credit cards, PG-1 is much more safe and secure, where all transaction will need your authorization and your consciousness to transfer the fund (via Bank Transfer, ATM, or even Cash Deposit) for the payment. With PG-1 you can do online transaction safely with zero fraud possibilities. You can review the article about PG-1 security measures here.

Benefit for buyers:

  • No longer need to worry about the increasing credit-card fraud
  • No financial information shared to merchants
  • Simple and straight forward payment flow
  • Make payments conveniently from anywhere using your mobile device
  • Easy to track payment history
  • Instant notification via email
  • Support any bank account in Indonesia or even cash deposit
  • etc

Benefit for merchants:

  • Simple and easy to manage payments received from buyer
  • Instant notification for each payment transaction changes
  • Business automation, increase efficiency, decrease fraud
  • With autosettlement, no need to bothered with settlement request
  • Easy to integrate using simple tool
  • Easy to track payment history
  • Instant notification via email and Host-to-Host (IPN)
  • Advanced API to maximize your business integration (payment refund, payment split, etc)
  • etc


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