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What is PG-1 Gollar?

Date added:
22 October 2012
Last revised:
25 October 2012


Gollar is PG-1 electronic shopping voucher which will be used to pay any transaction using PG-1. You can explicitly buy Gollar from the "Buy Gollar" menu after login to your PG-1 Account, or you can also buy it directly during the payment flows. Currently, 1 Gollar can be used to pay 1 IDR transaction.

During the payment flows, if your Gollar balance is not enough to pay the transaction, you will be shown the "Buy Gollar" form for the insufficient Gollar amount which then gives you the fund transfer instructions. Just follow the instructions to finish your payment. Any exceeds in fund transfer will be converted to your Gollar balance automatically, and can be use for your next payment transaction.


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