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What is Merchant Account and benefit using it?

PG-1's seller/merchant account is an Internet wallet that can be used for receiving payments from all PG-1's members. This account has all features the buyer account has and added with the merchant payment and store management feature. With this account you can sell almost any products and receiving the payment online and in real time.

What benefits you get by registering PG-1's merchant account?

  • No need to be bothered with the payment processing (fund matching and validation) anymore, so you can focus to your core business
  • Expand your customer base through all PG-1's members
  • Receiving payments in your local currency (no need to worry about currency exchange rate anymore)
  • Real time processing and notification will make your business move faster than before
  • You can even automate all the business steps (for intangible products) so yo can sit back and relax while your business can work at it self without any manual handling anymore
  • PG-1's affordable fees make your business even more attractive and cost-effective
  • Easiness in managing and tracking your received payments from your customers

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