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How to receive payments?

As the owner of PG-1's merchant account, you can receive payments from all PG-1's members (Buyer or Merchant). The first step to start receiving payments from others is to integrate your web store with PG-'s online payment system. After successfully integrate your web store, you can receive payments anytime and anywhere (24/7). For each payment you've receive, you will receive a notification to your registered email address.

You can also choose between the manual / automatic payment approval. By using the manual approval, you can reject the payment if you cannot fulfill the order from your customer, and the payment will be refunded to the buyer's PG-1's account. If the payment has been approved or it's approved automatically, it will be added to your PG-1's merchant account.

On schedule, PG-1 will automatically settle your PG-1 Merchant Account Gollar Balance into your registered settlement bank account. You can choose one of two available settlement sechedule methods as follow:

  1. On every specific day in a week
  2. If Gollar balance reach minimum amount

PG-1 will calculate settlement amount once in operational day. If your merchant account doesn't included in current settlement schedule, it will be included in the next settlement schedule.
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