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How PG-1 Works?

Pay Global One (PG-1) will act as a secure bridge between online buyers and merchants. Customer will pay the order through PG-1, and then seller will receive the payment from PG-1 in real time. Seller / Merchant do not have to be bothered with payment processing / refund issues anymore, and can focus on their core business.

In general we can summarize the payment transaction process as these simple steps:

  • Buyer Shopping at the merchant's web store and complete the checkout process
  • Buyer will be redirected to PG-1 Secure Payment Page, where buyer will authenticate, and authorize the payment
  • Buyer make the fund transfer as instructed by PG-1 (the instruction is showed at the payment finish page and also sent to the buyer email address), no confirmation needed.
  • Merchant receive the payment as Gollar in their Merchant Account after the transaction has been processed by PG-1 system
  • On schedule, PG-1 will automatically settle merchant(s) Gollar balance to the registered Settlement Bank Account
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