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How do we keep your transaction secure?

PG-1 adopt the latest and the best encryption technology available today to protect its members for safer and secure shopping on the Internet. Below are the main reasons why you should not worry to make online transactions using Pay Global One (PG-1):

  • Pay without exposing any financial information to any seller/merchant
    All critical data related to your financial information will be kept for PG-1's administration only, and will not be shown to other PG-1's user including merchant user.
  • All communications are encrypted
    Communication between your computer and our server are encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption. This protection can help defend against login and password theft, which is particularly common in today's wireless society.
  • Double layer of authentication (protection from key logger)
    In every PG-1's payment transactions, will required you to input a second layer security key which is called PIN. PIN consists of 5 characters, but in every transaction you will be asked only 2 digits randomly. This method will protect your PG-1's fund although your computer is infected with key loggers or viruses that detect key strokes.
  • Automatic & Instant email notification for every payment transaction
    This feature will help you to monitor and identify every payment made using your PG-1 account.
  • All data changes (profile, shopping limit, etc) in your account will be re-confirmed to your email address, and will not be executed if not confirmed by you.
  • All the critical actions is always need your authorization (PIN/Security Question) and will need confirmation via email to proceed

We are trying our best to secure your PG-1 account and transactions, on the other hand we also reminds all PG-1 users to keep their own private/secret information (such as: account password, PIN, email password, or security question) from anyone whoever he/she is. All PG-1's merchants or even our staff/customer support will not have the access to such information and do not deserves the right to ask you for those secret informations.

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