What is PG-1 API and how to use it?

Date added:
28 February 2012
Last revised:
23 October 2012


PG-1 APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is a web service provided by PG-1 to automate your business. With this service, your website can execute certain actions related with any payment received to your merchant account which includes:


Enable API Access

Please follow these steps to enable/activate your API Access:


Understanding the API Call

After successfully enabling your API Access, you can start accessing it from your website. The API call basically is just a regular HTTP POST/GET request secured by HTTP Basic Authentication. For the HTTP Basic Authentication you will need to submit username & password as follow:

For every API call you will need to submit these POST/GET parameters:

The API Call Response will be in JSON format, which includes "success" attribute (the value can either be true or false) indicating if the call is successfully executed or not. Response Example:

{"description":"The Payment Transaction has been approved successfully","success":true,"version":"1.0"}


How to generate Request Signature

Please follow these steps to generate the API Request Signature:


How to make the API Call

We have created a library in some programming language. You can use the library to make the API call (documentation & samples are included) to PG-1 web service. The library can be downloaded at the download section of PG-1 Developer page.


The list of available APIs

Below are the list of APIs you can access:


Developer's FAQs , Merchant's FAQ

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