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What is Pay Button?

Date added:
25 November 2009
Last revised:
29 October 2012


Pay Button is a button that will be clicked by the buyer after finishing checkout from your website and want pay for the items they've selected. The button will redirect the buyer to PG-1 Secure Payment Page. This type of integration is suitable if you have a static web store which only sells few item(s) and do not really need multiple items purchase at once.

Technically the pay button is a simple HTML form. We have provide a simple tool at merchant's member area, which can generate the button's HTML script for you. The tools can be accessed under the "Manage Store" menu, then click the "Pay Button" for your registered website. Please follow these steps to integrate your static web store with PG-1's Pay Button:

  • At the "Pay Button" page, choose "Pay Now" button.
  • Below are the description for the available fields:
    • Payment Description
      Define the description for the payment. It can be the item's name or anything else. The description will be showed at the payment page and the transaction history list.
    • Payment Price
      Define the payment amount for the item you want to sell with PG-1. The price is under IDR currency.
    • Encrypt the button
      If this field is checked, you won't see any readable text at the generated button's HTML script. This feature can prevent parameter modification by unauthorized user.
    • Choose Button Image
      Choose the image for your button. You can choose the image from our predefined image, or you can supply your own image.
  • After filling the fields, click the "Submit" button below.
  • Copy and paste the generated code to your HTML page (usually at the related item detail page).
For more information about PG-1 Merchant Account, please download PG-1 Merchant Account Manual here.


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