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How to make a payment?

Date added:
22 October 2012
Last revised:
25 October 2012


PG-1 has build the simple and straight forward payment flows which will indulge your shopping experience. The first thing you need to do to make the payment, is to finish the checkout process from PG-1 merchant website. This steps usually (not exacly the same) includes the following steps:
  1. Choosing the item you want to buy from the merchant's website, and add it to your shopping cart
  2. Check the total amount, and input the shipping address information
  3. Click the pay button and continue to the PG-1 Payment Page

At the PG-1 Payment Page, you will need to do the following simple steps:
  1. Authenticate yourself
    PG-1 will need to identify yourself by your email address. Just input your email address at the form:
    * Note that PG-1 Account registration is optional during the payment flows, but you can get more benefits by registering your own PG-1 Account
    • If the email has already registered with PG-1 account, you will need to input the PG-1 Account Password to complete the authentication step.
    • If the email has not registered yet with any PG-1 Account, you will need to input your Full Name (First and Last name) to finish the authentication step.
  2. Authorize your payment*
    During this step, optionally you will see the Buy Gollar form, and need to choose the payment method to buy Gollar for the payment. If you are choosing "BCA/Mandiri" bank account, you will need to supply basic information regarding the bank account you will use to make the fund transfer (bank account number and owner's name) that will be used to identify your payment.

    To secure your transaction, PG-1 will need your authorization for the payment:
    • If you've authenticate yourself using PG-1 Account at the previous step, you will need to input 2 (of 5) randomized PG-1 PIN to authorize the payment.
    • If you do not use PG-1 Account during the previous authentication step, PG-1 will send a "Authorization Code" to your email address. Check your email inbox, and type the Authorization Code at the payment form to authorize the payment.
  3. Make the fund transfer (Optional)
    Optionally, if you are NOT using PG-1 Account during the authentication process OR using PG-1 Account but the Gollar balance in the account is not enough to pay the payment, you will be given a fund transfer instruction.The instruction is also sent to your email address for further review, and it has an expiry date (can be vary for each merchant webstore). To finish the payment, Just follow the fund transfer instruction before it expires.

* For security reasons, if the transaction amount is exceeds 1 million, PG-1 will automatically sends a Authorization Code to your email address after authentication (step 1). You must input the Authorization Code at the step 2 above to be able to continue the process.


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