June 22, 2018, 6:34 pm

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Is it safe to supply basic bank account information to PG-1?

Date added:
25 November 2009
Last revised:
11 July 2014


Yes, it's absolutely save. There is no way PG-1 can penetrate the bank security layer. Every action regarding your bank account will requiring your authorization and PG-1 cannot do anything to your bank account. The basic bank account information we are collecting (bank name, account's number, and account owner's name) will only be used for administration only which include:

  • The Buy Gollar process
    Our system will match the fund you have transfered with your the basic bank information you have supplied during the Buy Gollar form submission. Any mistake in the bank information you've supplied can cause a delay to this process.
  • The Gollar Refund process
    In case your payment is canceled/refunded by the merchant, you can optionally request a Gollar Refund to PG-1. For this purpose, we need your valid bank account information, to be able to proccess your request.

It's important to provide the valid bank information to avoid any delay or mistake in processing the above transactions. Below are the description for the basic bank information we need:

  • Bank Name
    Provide the bank name that you will use for Add Fund or Cash Out your balance in PG-1. (ex: BCA or Mandiri)
  • Bank Account Number
    Provide the bank account number as printed on the bank book. (ex: 572928812, etc.)
  • Bank Account Owner's Name
    Provide the bank account owner's name as printed on the bank book. (ex: John Doe, etc.)


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